Friday, 3 October 2014

Garden Room - slate or tile ?

New colour options - more choice

Further developments to the GardenRoom which addresses many of the issues with other tiled conservatory roof solutions, including new improved thermal performance and more tile / slate options than ever before.

There are also new tile colour finishes that have just been launched which include Chestnut Brown, Terracotta Red and Slate (light) Grey, along with matching hip and ridge cappings which are supplied in one continuous section for speed if installation. There is also an option for a slate finish which is also available in the new colours and is becoming increasingly popular with installers and consumers looking to match existing slate roofs, with the rugged edges designed to replicate a hewn slate tile finish to blend perfectly with it’s surroundings. 

Terracotta Slate Effect GardenRoom Roof

GardenRoom is the latest generation of tiled conservatory roofs and is becoming increasingly popular both for new installations and for conservatory replacement projects. It’s also helping to close the gap between the typical conservatory and single storey extension markets as Prefix customers look to open up new sales opportunities. The Gardenroom roof is available through our registered installer network, more details of which can be found at or call 0800 500 3002

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